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***** 5 STARS!


This was a new take on a short story for me. I loved the journal format that gave me insights in the innermost thoughts and feelings of Zias, I felt like I was learning his secrets.... I was pleasantly surprised by some of the things that were disclosed in this story and I love the hints of upcoming tribulations facing the Occuli. This story left me wanting more and I will definitely look forward to future books in the series!

By DJS on October 1st, 2015  (Goodreads)

​Format:  Paperback

​***** 5 STARS!


I really really enjoyed this book! It is extremely well done and left me wanting to read more of the series. I am looking forward to future books and I would definitely recommend this book series to everyone! The Occuli Books are right up there with Twilight and Harry Potter in the fantasy genre in my opinion!

By Tom on July 12th, 2015  (Goodreads)
Format: Paperback

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     Writing and reading are my passions!  My dream to be a writer began, when as a five year old child I would ask my mother to write down the stories I would make up about talking dogs. 

     Since growing up and becoming further educated with a Bachelor's Degree in English (I have an affinity for classic literature), a Master's Degree in Leadership, and a degree in Ultrasound, I have begun to pursue that dream in hopes of one day making it my career.  I have many interests and ideas so my ultimate goal is to release works of fiction in multiple genres.  Fantasy will always be my first love however, as I have always had an intense imagination that threatens to inundate me if not expelled onto paper. 

     Aside from writing, I enjoy physical activities like running, weight training, and yoga.  I am blessed to have an amazing family, close friends and two beloved canine companions.

This short story in the Occuli Series is now available on Amazon worldwide in Paperback & Kindle, Barnes & in Paperback and Nook and Kobo E-Books!

     A Golden-eyed, or an "Aureus", has one sole purpose in life:  to protect.  Raised from children to be bodyguards, these Occuli are both the fastest and strongest and are commonly used as fierce weapons.  

     Frequently they are not what they seem however, as they can be tempted by too much power and control over those they protect.  This can lead them down a dark and dangerous path.  

     This supplement to Book One of the Occuli series, gives the reader a more intimate look at the character of Zias. In this story the reader is taken through Zias' personal journal, giving his perspective on the journey so far with Remy and the other Occuli. He tells the story through his eyes about his struggle to remember his past and break from traditions and curses, while putting it all on the line for the love of his life, Remy Verbetta. 

​*Recommended for ages 16+

Through Golden Eyes:  The Occuli, Zias' Story